Powerful Motivational Quotes

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If you find it difficult to raise motivation for yourself then various books can help you. The ones we recommend can be viewed here. Whereas, if you prefer a live word, then we recommend that you watch, or listen to, lectures by famous motivational speakers. If you haven't encountered this way of raising motivation by now, it's time to change it. There are a large number of motivational speakers who speak our language but are also foreign. Therefore, we have selected five better motivational speeches for you.

by Obama on Cool Backgrounds
Powerful Motivational Quotes

FOCUS Nobody achieves great focus overnight. It is important to invest time, plan the day, plan everything like when and what you eat, when you train, so that the time allocated for the job does not cost you extra thinking about what to do.

WHO YOU ARE WITH! If you are surrounded by people who do nothing all day long, you will hardly be motivated to work alone and do more than others. I am grateful that in my life I am surrounded by people who are much more successful than me, many of whom I can learn and who inspire me on a daily basis with their way of doing business, living, organizing time ... Surround yourself with people who help you be better, not them with whom you tap in place.

by Octavian on Cool Backgrounds
Powerful Motivational Quotes

The motive is actually the answer to the question - why? Why am I doing this? Why should I do that?

Until we find an answer to that question, any activity will be hampered.

Motivation can be internal and external.

The intrinsic motivation is when we do something because it is in line with us and our values. An example would be a hobby. It is something we love to do and no one has to push us and remind us.

External motivation is when we do something because of external factors. To prove ourselves to someone, to make an impression, to make money, or to benefit. An example would be learning for the sake of parents, or going to work just for a paycheck.

When you are not motivated and do not have the energy to do something, instead of forcing yourself, ask yourself - how can I be motivated? What is stopping me?

by Macario on Cool Backgrounds
Powerful Motivational Quotes

Of all, Emerson is closest to me at the moment, because to me, this is a success. Otherwise, success is the saving formula that I came up with in my "growth", "moving forward", whatever:

"At the moment" it looks like it, but time will tell what it really is, it's important to endure ...


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