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by Lisa on Cool backgrounds

1. A strong woman never chases happiness

Reaching happiness for her is the most popular but also the dumbest thing. We are all chasing - for a better tomorrow, for a better next year, for a better future. A happy woman does not practice the sport. She lives in the present.

2. The present is the most interesting and important part of life

Of course, he has plans for the future, but he doesn't wait until tomorrow to do something. She knows that "when I lose a few pounds" or "when the perfect man comes" they mean nothing to me and are not reasons to waste my life.

3. He knows it is a privilege to be a woman

She is happy and pleased to be born a woman. The femininity that belongs to her is considered a gift. A strong and happy woman divides feminism in two ways - internal (emotions, feelings and thoughts) and external (body, clothing, manners).

4. She lives at her own pace

When it's time to slow down, she enjoys it. When it needs to accelerate and be dynamic, there is no time to waste. A truly happy woman knows how to determine the pace at which she lives. She never loses her appetite for life.

by Georgina on Cool backgrounds
Strong girl

Strong women are progressive. For this reason, they are forced to be cunning, proactive, sensible, pragmatic and without fear of challenge. Because of their penchant for leadership, they are not among those following the masses. They do not want to satisfy the masses, but choose to think, speak and act in accordance with their own experience and consciousness. They are not one of those who will agree with you just to keep the peace.

These women are capable of being alone but perceptive enough to understand when they need help and courageous enough to ask for it. They are coordinated and orderly. They will admit their mistakes, shortcomings and misconceptions. They know for sure that no one is perfect, including them.

by Ana on Cool backgrounds
Girl Quotes

Yes, a strong woman is one who lives from the past, but still she is firm in the present…

A strong woman is one who rejoices only in memories and yet boldly steps toward the future…

And believe me, a strong woman is the one who made the pain the most beautiful ...

A strong woman is one whose nostrils are laced with the smell of cigarettes and her own blood, and yet smells like fresh roses…

A strong woman is one who can still look forward to the early morning sun ... and the orchids in her window ... and her favorite tune ... even though she spent all night in nightmares and bunny ...

by Helen on Cool backgrounds
All You need is love

A strong woman can withstand everything and knows exactly what she wants in life. She has tried both lemon and sweet grapes, and knows how to recognize the good from the bad. She is a woman, a lady with an attitude and a hero. It's hard to conquer, but having it near you is very nice. They know they love it, but they also know that they will leave if they see that it is not what they believed in.

It is not a problem for them to be alone because they know that they value their freedom. They won't be with the first man who shows up. They are waiting for the right one in whose embrace they will flourish. They need a man to be with, not a maid. A man who will know that he appreciates the gem he got in his hands. A strong woman is nothing but a nun to pray for the remnants and crumbs of love.

by Maria on Cool backgrounds
Strong Girl

A strong woman is the one who, after being thrown into the abyss with bloody hands, will climb up the cliff saying, "Oh, I'm fine, I'll survive!" ...

A strong woman is one who comforts others in their pain until no one hears her cries…

A strong woman is the one who will respect others in their grief and be able to listen to them, until they recognize her and feel what everything is going through ... cry for help…

A strong woman is one who sees through other people's lies and deceptions, and calmly waits for a moment of betrayal and deceit, a fate-executioner… alone in her heart and soul, without seeking someone else's understanding and help ..


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