Broken Heart Quotes to Help You Move Forward

Read our selection of the best lyrics for broken hearts:

1. Forget we met, forget we met, forget we parted, but don’t forget that we loved each other crazy!

2. You are the only person who is filling my soul with some fine feeling these days. But no it cannot be described in words. It must be felt by the heart …

3. Your eyes are blue, your hair is blonde, blonde has become my favorite color for you!

4. You have broken my heart so many times that I no longer feel pain, but it just breaks my heart because I am crazy about it, and every time I break my heart I love you even more !!!

5. Don’t turn your head when you see me and don’t look at me as an unknown guest, smile at least because of our past, from the person I love and smile is enough!

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Red roses full of dew say they carry love and happiness. Whenever someone gives me flowers I remember you and good luck. Why is everything so happening in the end, why is love in the sadness of the watershed.

She slid down her cheek and stood on her lip, so hot and so small, there was a sadness in her, pain in her, because only that tear knew that I genuinely love you…

It may be crazy to love you, maybe humbly to beg for love, but one day, when you understand my words, you will find that you have lost something that could forever be yours!

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If you ever see me with another, do not look at him as a rival, but a man with no luck, because he has found a woman who will never love him!

I will always be alone, I will make myself happy with a song, I will not love another because the other will not look like you ..

All these tears streaming down your face are not fire, but they are still burning. Because it is very difficult when the soul hurts, when you are not with the one whose heart you love!

It is a sad night when you are gone, a sad heart that is asleep far away, but sadness I must hide in myself, because I live for the day that I will be with you!

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Loving you is a real punishment, getting you is a real fight, having a real honor is honor, but losing you is the biggest downfall.

Why I just met you, why when I shouldn't have. Why did I care about the sight of your eye, and why do I have to suffer for it now.

It may be crazy to love you, it may be humbling to beg for love, but one day, when you understand my words, you will realize that you have lost something that was only meant to be yours.

Never love, you may not understand, but once you love it, know that you will suffer. And it is difficult to forget a loved one, love often becomes a sad story.
Life is a read novel. It's just that you can always go back to the previous pages in the novel, and never to the past.

Today, I will not cry, tears are not the cure, but remember these words I will love you forever! Today, I'm lying to myself, I'm fine without you, but my heart is a secret hiding Never been up there.

She slid down her cheek, standing on her lip. She was so hot and so small, sorrow bathed in her, pain bathed in her, that tear knew that you was my Life.

When I meet your eyes, the overwhelming suffering in me comes to life, the unspeakable foreboding of your eyes remind me of our nights. The words she would like to utter in her throat. With my eyes you give me a sign of patience as a pledge of our lasting love ...

The moment I saw your eyes in the darkness of a dream like a dream in my heart, the day came. I wanted to love you forever and never lose you…

Perhaps these messages have helped during difficult periods of suffering and overwhelming loves, but perhaps the messages sent to make someone change their minds or realize that love still exists.

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