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Seychelles, the name associated with, you might say, heavenly beauty, is known around the world precisely because it most resembles a “land fairy tale”, ranging from green peaks, across rainforests, to sand-covered beaches framed by granite rocks , where the only rates are yours. Long regarded as the exclusive resort of the rich and famous, this paradise on earth is now becoming available to an increasing number of travelers who wish to experience the dream of “the journey of their lives.”

This island state in the western Indian Ocean and by far the most beautiful archipelago in the world with 116 islands scattered like precious stones across 1.4 million square kilometers of the azure ocean is located between degrees 4 and 10 south of Equator. Here, the 42 granite islands, the remnants of a lost world, cluster around the main islands, Mahé, Praline, and la Digue, while the flat, coral islands, even more numerous, extend in glittering ports to the coasts of East Africa.

The islands enjoy the benefits of a tropical climate all year round, and all but the most remote and uninhabited are far beyond the cyclone zone, so there is no extreme weather. In this pleasant tropical paradise, temperatures rarely drop below 24 degrees, nor do they rise above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the scenery of exceptional natural beauty, security and peace, the Seychelles also offers a variety of opportunities to enjoy a wide range of island exploration, and tropical adventures. Just fifteen minutes to an hour’s flight from the main island of Mahé, several exceptional island resorts offer accommodation in luxury hotel complexes, as well as the privacy of comfortable and affordable accommodation in a rustic beachfront facilities.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, because of the Seychelles offers mid and lower prices in a diverse range of picturesque small hotels, Creole guest houses, exuding local charm and exceptional suites, where you can enjoy according to your rhythm and desires.

When you start living an island lifestyle, you will get to know and feel their culture, exquisite gastronomy, and you will surely enjoy unforgettable small adventures such as sailing, diving, fishing, walking around the island, as well as exceptional romantic moments

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