Free Autumn Inspired iPhone 11 Plus Wallpapers

Are you looking for new background styles for your new IPhone ? Here is the most beautiful Autumn background collection. Enjoy and share your favorite Autumn wallpapers and background images.

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by Madelyn on Cool Backgrounds
Free Autumn

Warm autumn colors have always been a great inspiration for artists, especially painters and photographers. No other season brings such a gorgeous palette of shades that make a person feel warm and connected to nature - why then do we hate autumn so much?

by Macaulay on Cool Backgrounds
Free Autumn Inspired iPhone 11 Plus Wallpapers

Over time, we have grown into people who would rather sit in a stuffy cafe, breathe in the gills and spit in the rain than go out and walk in the fall, wet leaves and breathe that wonderful scent of autumn. Do you know that autumn has a smell? It's magical. You can easily feel it if you head to any forest (don't worry, the mud won't eat you).

by Madelina on Cool Backgrounds
Free Autumn Inspired iPhone 11 Plus Wallpapers

When was the last time you went out for a walk in the rain? If you're like the vast majority of people, you won't even remember when it was. When was the last time you wore dinghies and raincoats? In fact, the very act of walking in the rain without holding an umbrella in your hand is so strange to most people that it takes them a while to get used to. They automatically walk faster because their subconscious tells them that they need to escape the evil, evil rain.

Try it. Take a walk for one day. So let us know if you still hate autumn.


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