These 10 tricks will help you learn more easily

There are days when learning a foreign language or preparing for college exams are the last things you want to do.

Add to that 100 activities that you would rather enjoy instead of learning, and it will become clearer why the thought of learning is engulfed by panic attacks.

What you lack is the motivation to learn.

Motivation to study, study or teach at school will allow you to master the material and expand your knowledge.

In the following post you will find 10 super helpful tips and tricks to help you motivate yourself to learn.

Motivation to Learn in College: Top 10 Tips and TricksThe motivation for teaching in college is somewhat different from the motivation for teaching in primary and secondary school.Although learning as a process does not change, the level of maturity and the stage of life you are in school and college are still different.For this reason, it is especially important in college to expand your knowledge on how to motivate yourself.

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1. Discover why you procrastinate
Delayed learning is a complex problem that can have many different causes.

Learning motivation makes it easy for you to address some of the common causes of learning delay, such as:

You have convinced yourself that your exam or homework is beyond your means
Postponing an exam or homework is a rebellion against a parent or professor
You found the topic boring
You are waiting for the “perfect moment” to start learning
The task has become so extensive that you don't know where to start
If you are able to understand why you are delaying learning then you have crossed the first step on the path to regaining motivation to study in college or school.

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2. Break the material into smaller units
The main reason for delaying learning indefinitely is your feeling that the material is too busy.

In order to cope with the amount of work that awaits you and regain your lost confidence you need to break the material into several smaller units.

In this way, you will turn the daunting task ahead of you into several smaller tasks that have set a time limit for completion.

This will increase your confidence level, as well as your learning motivation.

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3. Reward yourself
Motivation to learn in children and adults often involves rewarding yourself after each completed task or larger whole.

These can be short breaks of 5 minutes each, after which you will be much more productive.

During breaks you can do some exercise, play a game on your phone, eat an apple or listen to a couple of songs.

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4. Develop a learning habit
As you know, we are creatures of habit.

This is especially useful to keep in mind if, for example, lack of motivation to learn a foreign language.

Habits and routines are a powerful weapon if they are formed for useful things like the need to learn a foreign language.

However, be aware that not all habits, even learning routines, are created overnight.

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5. Determine why you want to have good grades
One of the best ways to gain motivation to learn is to understand why you want to get good grades.

The wise option is to make a list of reasons why you want to have good grades:

I want to learn more and develop myself
I want to be a more concentrated and disciplined student
I want to enroll in a good school or college
I want to have a great career
I want to have a secure future for myself and my family
I want to live without regret
Write down your own list of reasons to learn and put it on your desk.

Read the list when you feel you lack the motivation to learn.

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6. Use mind maps to organize information
Most young people use lists to remember information.

A classic example of this is to-do lists.

Mind maps mimic how the brain works, which makes them much more efficient at organizing information than lists.

When you create a mind map, you map the way your brain handles a particular topic, making it easier for you to access that information later.

You can create a mind map using pen and paper, or on your phone, tablet or computer.

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7. Turn the topic from “boring” to interesting
"There are no annoying topics, only disinterested minds." - Gilbert Kate Chesterton

If you think the topic or exam is boring, try asking yourself the following questions:

When was this technique or theory developed?
Who developed this?
What problem has this been resolved?
What would the world look like today without this technique or theory?
When you ask the right questions, you will turn any subject from boring to interesting.

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