Attack On Titan wallpapers

The premise of this anime is more than promising. In the world where the action takes place, the man is moved from the top of the food chain. The huge, humanoid beings called Titans appeared nowhere and seemingly without the slightest aroused the greatest part of mankind. The survivors were gathered in the cities that were encircled by 50-foot jinn walls distributed in concretary circles, so Titans could not pass. And for some hundred years people lived in peace. And then everything changed when the Colossal Titan appeared and blew up the outer Marian wall. The other smaller Titans came upon him, and the great uprightness of humanity did. One of the victims of the attack was mother of two characters, Eren Jeager and Mikas Ackerman. The two of them swear revenge, and together with their friend Armin joined the army to join the Scout troops and kill Titans in the world outside the walls.

All fans of this very interesting game in this post can download the beautiful Attack On Titan wallpapers for your mobile device.

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